These Are The World’s Most Hipster Neighbourhoods, Apparently

Is your hometown one of them?

From the editors of Marie Claire UK

Beards, tattoos, man buns and coffee art galore, the world is slowly being taken over by hipsters.

But some areas of the world are much more hipster-populous than others, new research has shown. MoveHub has published a list of the top 50 hipster cities in the world, calculated by a ‘Hipster Index.’

While the majority of the top 20 are US cities, Brighton and Hove has been ranked as the most hipster place in the world.

‘Because hipsters have such specific tastes like tattoos and artisan coffee and prefer less bustling city locations, we can map them around the world quite accurately, which is really interesting,’ says Fred O’Brien, who oversaw the research.

‘You would struggle to find any other group that changes cities at the rate that hipsters do – once a city has been chosen as a trendy area, the hipsters bring in all sorts of new independent businesses and this injection of consumers can really transform these cities.’

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The world’s most hipster cities

1. Brighton and Hove, UK

2. Portland, USA

3. Salt Lake City, USA

4. Seattle, USA

5. Lisbon, Portugal

6. Fort Lauderdale, USA

7. Miami, USA

8. Orlando, USA

9. Helsinki, Finland

10. Spokane, USA

11. Tampa, USA

12. Eugene, USA

13. Minneapolis, USA

14. Atlanta, USA

15. San Francisco, USA

16. Rochester, USA

17. Bordeaux, France

18. Pittsburgh, USA

19. Las Vegas, USA

20. Richmond, USA