How A Week In Ibiza Could Change Your Life

We headed to The Body Camp to see what really goes down..

Want to know how stars like Millie Mackintosh and Caroline Flack really stay in shape? They have a new secret weapon in the form of the ‘The Body Camp’. Not to be confused with a traditional bootcamp (we repeat,it is not a boot camp) this Ibiza hideaway is as much about working out your mind as it is your body with an integrated diet, fitness schedule and mindfulness sessions factored in. Intrigued? Us too. We sent Fashion News Assistant Bridie Wilkins, 22, to spend the week at Ibiza’s Body Camp to see what the fuss was all about…

The food


Homemade buckwheat muesli and pancakes: @lookmagazine

Words do not do the menu justice. Almond-based avocado pizzas, chocolate raw-eos (yes, we’re talking about guilt-free Oreos), buckwheat Nurtella (a healthy spin on Nutella, natch) pancakes… Resident chef Ben Whale serves up three meals and two snacks a day consisting of 90% plant-based foods. We know what you’re thinking. 90% plant-based?! Leaves?! How will I survive?! Stop. Strategically scheduled meal times and portions mean guests are never left hungry, while it’s up to you whether you go for the weight loss plan (1000 calories) or the maintenance choice (1800-2000). We went for the upper, obvs – those pancakes ain’t gonna eat themselves y’know…

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The exercise

Fashion News Assistant Bridie trying out the TRX bands

Fashion News Assistant Bridie trying out the TRX bands

First you’ll get woken for a 5am sprint to the other side of Ibiza and back, then you’ll start the first of six hour-long high intensity circuits whereby trainer Rick will threaten to throw resident Body Camp Chihuahua Rebel over the cliffs if you don’t speed up, and then you’ll finish the day with a nice relaxing boxing match. JK. It couldn’t be further from that if it tried. The day starts at roughly 7am (and if you’d rather a lie in, team leader Kate certainly won’t mind – we promise) with a stretching sesh, then you’ll usually get the choice of a walk or jog to the local horses, followed by a few fat-burning classes and last but not least, a super zen yoga class. The schedule changes everyday so you can rest assured you’ll never get bored, and there’s always a few hours free time in the arvos to nap *ahem* recuperate.

The villa 

The Body Camp is set in a luxury villa complete with salt water pool

The Body Camp is set in a luxury villa complete with salt water pool

Imagine a luxury holiday home situated high in the hills of Ibiza’s picturesque Sant Joan complete with salt-water infinity pool and you’ll get a teeny, tiny inkling of The Body Camp scene. Obvs, the real deal is a lot better than it sounds on paper (or screen, as it may be) and most definitely not what you’d expect from a fitness ‘camp’. It’s basically what you’d want from a 5* hotel, with mood-boosting details including motivational quotes on cards (and resident Chihuahua, Rebel) making for a ‘home away from home’ feeling we’ve never experienced elsewhere.

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The team 

Resident chihuahua Rebel: @lookmagazine

Resident chihuahua, Rebel: @lookmagazine

You know how they say it’s not the place, it’s the people? Well, that couldn’t be more appropriate than it is for The Body Camp. Leader Kate, chef Ben, trainer Rick and volunteer Frankie are quite possibly the friendliest, loveliest, happiest bunch of people we’ve ever come across, and we can honestly say The Body Camp wouldn’t be the same without these guys.

The Body Camp team host daily sunrise walks

The Body Camp team host daily sunrise strolls

Bridie’s verdict: ‘I’ve always been into healthy eating and exercise, but I’d never really paid attention to my mind. The Body Camp made me realise how much of a difference a positive mental attitude can make to your wellbeing. Before I left, my relationship with food was getting worse – I counted every little calorie, but now that’s all changed. I left with friends for life, new – and considerably more sustainable – knowledge on health and fitness and a lot of energy.’

Prices for seven days all inclusive at The Body Camp, Ibiza, start at £1315. You can find more out about the different programmes here and for more information head to their website here.