Stop Everything. Ryanair’s Article 50 Sale Is Offering Flights From £9.99

Yes, you read that right. You can fly one-way to a Europe destination from £9.99...


Ryanair are having a flashsale to help you through Brexit and Article 50.

So if you’ve been dreaming of flying away somewhere sunny but can’t quite afford it, your prayers may have just been answered.

Ever since the referendum result was announced, we’ve all been left wondering what it could really mean for us – with our future holidays seeming to be shrouded in uncertainty.

Now the airline is hoping to cheer us all up, with an ‘Article 50 special’ sale – and we had to rub our eyes (and pinch ourselves) a few times when we saw the prices.

ryanair deals

Yup. The budget carrier has seats on offer from just £2.99 for select destinations. We mean, that’s basically the price of a Starbucks.

Other one-way routes are coming up at £7.99, £9.99 and £19.99.

You really have to see if for yourself. And you can, right here.

It seems as though these bargain flights depart from a number of destinations around the UK, including London Stanstead, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Birmingham, Glasgow, Manchester and Bristol.

Of course, there’s always terms and conditions.

But, so long as you’re happy to travel this spring (well, the sooner the better in our book) and you can book by the deadline of midnight on Thursday 30 March, there’s really no reason not to get involved.

So don’t wait around! Because if you’re reading this on March 31st, you’re too late…

Now. We’re off to invest in a sun hat…