The World’s Most Instagrammable Holiday Destinations

Because it's so gross right now and we'd rather be anywhere else than rainy London...

If, like team LOOK, you’re getting a little tired of the gross and grey weather we’re experiencing in England then our edit of the most Instagrammable holiday destinations will provide you with a little escape and inspiration…

Beauty Writer, Gabrielle Dyer

🌻🌺🌹☀️balcony basking☀️🌷🌸🌼

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Dob Utca, Budapest – Hungary

‘It was taken in Budapest on the balcony of our gorgeous (and equally as Instagramable) air BnB. I went for a family wedding with my family and it was one of my favourite ever trips abroad!’

Senior Fashion Assistant, Sarah-Rose Harrison

Pool trips + Palm trees = the perfect Sunday 🌴🌊☀️

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Sal, Cape Verde

The island of Instagram goals. Cape Verde’s dreamy palm trees give those in LA a run for their money. Surrounded by crystal clear seas, white sandy beaches and (again) all the palm trees you could ever dream of you’ll be using up your #ThrowbackThursday’s until your next trip.

Fashion Stylist, Sarah Barlow

Châteauneuf-du-Pape, France

‘What’s a holiday without getting out, exploring the local towns and taking in the culture. I love to take a little break from sunbathing to appreciate the architecture and finding inspiration on the streets. If I can find a cute doorway to take an #OOTD infront of then all the better.’

Deputy Beauty Editor, Chloe Burcham

It's love baby ❤️

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Yaletown, Vancouver – Canada

‘It was my last night visiting a friend in Canada and we were going for dinner in Yaletown. We passed this wall outside the La Pentola restaurant and I just HAD to stop to take a picture. My friend took this snap as I was walking off and I love it way more than any of the posed ones we’d taken. I loved Vancouver so much and this quote pretty much summed up the whole trip for me’

Stopping traffic at Shibuya Station, Tokyo

‘This was taken on a press trip I went on with two bloggers Claire (@iamchouquette) and Fleur (@fleurdeforce). It was our last full day in Tokyo and we waited for the traffic to stop before legging it into the middle of the cross roads and taking a picture! Two seconds later, the madness of Shibuya Station ensued with thousands of people flooding into the roads but I love how here, we look like the only people there!’

Art Editor, Daniel Tang

Wynwood, I love you. ❤️💛💚💙💜 #miami #ivypark #ootd #wiwt

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‘Wynwood in Miami is every Instagrammers dream come through. Known as the Art District, every street is packed with beautiful murals from both local and international graffiti artists who create the most colourful works of art that fill the city with joy and bring it to life. Street stylers, head to this particular mural in Wynwood Yard, which rivals the famed pink Paul Smith Wall in LA for it’s Instragrammable popularity!’

Acting Editor, Maxine Eggenberger

Puerto del Carmen, Lanzarote – Spain

Have you even been on holiday if you haven’t posted a classic shot of you infront of a door/beautiful floral bush? Nope… didn’t think so!


Fashion News Writer, Bridie Wilkins

11 nights, severe shoulder burn and 437189 photos later and it's all over 😭

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Velassaru, Maldives

‘The Maldives is without doubt the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen, and probably ever will. I was blown away the moment I reached the resort, and spent the rest of the time in awe. Sounds dramatic, but it’s the kind of place that makes you re-evaluate life and really take in what’s around you. Who knew I could get so deep? Seriously: everyone NEEDS to go.’

Sub-Editor, Pippa Park

Israel, Jerusalem

‘Israel is great for snapping stunning Insta pics, thanks to the traditional buildings and historic sites round every corner. The Dead Sea is great for eerie, sunrise shots, while Jerusalem and the Judean desert are amazing backdrops for your #OOTDs! Top tip: wear bright colours to stand out.’

Deputy Fashion News Editor, Harriet Davey

Koh Rong, Cambodia

‘Cambodia is insanely beautiful. You’ll end up stopping 300 times to take pictures of everything, and more importantly it’s super cheap. It may cost a bit more to get to as it’s a long haul flight, but when you’re there you can get beer for 25 cents and a meal at an amazing restaurant for around £5. It’s got crystal clear water, pure white sand and there’s no cars so everyone just cycles around the island and stays in treehouse hotels…be prepared to lose followers after Instagramming this dreamy place every day.’

Chiang Mai you pretty thing, see you soon Bangkok ✨

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Chiang Mai, Thailand

‘If you head away from the islands of Thailand and make it up north to Chiang Mai, then you’ll be in for a treat. There’s millions of temples you can visit and they’re all so mind-blowingly beautiful. You have to dress respectfully and cover your shoulders and legs, so you might as well go all out and wear the pretty scarves they sell outside the temples. There’s also loads of elephant sanctuaries to visit around here where you can wash and feed them – this is a must-do. You’ll be dodging the selfie sticks to get the best snaps.’