How Apps Can Cure Your Fear Of Flying Forever

Before we continue, it must be said, no-one has a fear of flying but many people have a fear of falling. Cruising in the air in a giant metal bird is actually pretty chill if you take away the possibility of nosediving into the ground. Now, with that in mind, how do we solve this very rational and simultaneously irrational fear.

The fear of flying/falling is totally rational because, well, you’re in a piece of metal 30,000ft above the ground. It’s very irrational because the odds of dying in an aircraft are one in 11 million, it’s safe to say it probably won’t happen to you.

But that’s not going to cure your fears. If meditation, alcohol or a dangerous amount of those travel sickness pills aren’t gong cure what frightens you, this new app called SkyGuru offers a much safer and calm remedy to your plane-psychosis.

The app, available now, tracks your flight in real time and offers logical explanations for every bump, jolt and dip along the way!

Roughly 20% of the population suffers with a fear of flying in some degree so professional pilot Alex Gervash wanted to address this fearful epidemic with personalised and meditative explanations.


Image credit: Skyguru

The way to app works is like so: you enter your flight information a few hours before boarding your flight. From there the app can predict what kind of weather conditions you’ll be flying in across the length of your airtime. Then, by keeping the app open in your phone, your phone can track the altitude, g-force and turbulence in real-time.

From here, Skyguru will offer soothing and rational explanations for why the plane is acting the way it is. It gives enough information to quell your fears but not so much that you start making your own theories for why the turbine is making that choking noise – leave it to the experts!