The Man-Cave Is Dead; Next Year is All About The She-Shed

The man-cave is cliché and a horribly exclusionary use of space. More common in America where basements are commonly converted, that’s not to say that there aren’t men in the UK taking up a second room in the house with their stuff. To give women a slice of this private space action, the She-Shed as become really  popular.

The stereotypical man-cave is characterised by masculine and totally-not-insecure hobby equipment. There’s probably a mini-fridge, a crappy pool table and definitely some exercise equipment gathering dust.

It’s tacky and totally fine to hate.

The She-Shed is stereotypical in its own way. A quick search with Instagram will have you looking for any clues of a Cat Kidston sponsorship because this is some twee decorating.

Not many Man Caves are actually caves however some She-Sheds are actually converted sheds. Others are remodelled garages and others are just conservatories.

As The Independent report, designer Justina Blakeney expressed the rise of the She-Shed better than we ever could. She said, “For a long time in history, women have either yearned for or been sent out to have their own space.”

“This idea of a woman having a sacred space — to be creative, to relax — is a really old idea that’s now having a resurgence.”

What makes a She-Shed different to just any of space, then? Apparently it’s the “flow between the indoors and outdoors”. Any Grand Designs watchers will be able to tell you all about the importance of natural light.

A peruse through Instagram will make you pretty jealous but also inspired to get your own space!

Your She-Shed doesn’t have to be as catalogue perfect as these ones are. It just has to be a bit of space carved out of your house just for you. While the Man-Cave is typically for hosting company, the She-Shed is a place to relax and find some space for yourself.