The Clean-Living Plants You Need To Brighten Up Your Home

If you live in a city or big town, it can feel like you spend more time wading through car fumes than you don’t. It’s difficult to find clean and healthy spaces to spend some quality time doing what you love, especially if you live near a road.

But it’s not just us that have these concerns. NASA, the company that landed man on the moon and are responsible for inspiring that nauseating Sandra Bullock film, have released a list of what they consider the best plants to keep in your house!

This study looked at a variety of plants and their air filtration skills and found these three to be the best leafy companions for all homes regardless of size and location.

These were the best three from the lot but you’ve got to remember that to get the most out of your plants, you need to actually care for them.

Peace Lilys 

If you’ve ever seen Hot Fuzz reference alarms are probably going off in your brain but there’s a reason Peace Lilys are so popular. As well as being the perfect size for a house plant, it also cleans almost all chemicals out of the air. Perfect if you live anywhere near a shop or any building that emits fumes.

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Aloe Vera

As well as the perfect cure for burns (as in scoldings not Yo Momma jokes), aloe vera is a cracking air filtration cool. It’s also super easy to care for which is great because 99% of the reason we don’t invest in house plants is because they usually have short lives.


Like Peace Lilys, these beautiful flowers have the power to filter the air of ammonia, formaldehyde, benzene, trichloroethylene, xylene and probably loads more nasty chemicals that I had to spell-check twice. Chrysanthemums also come in a variety of colours which is great for the interior design-conscious among you.