Vegetable Cereal Is A New Breakfast Trend And We’re Furious About It

We thought we’d heard it all when we heard of zoats (zucchini oats). We’re all for the integration of savoury to sweet. Cheese on a digestive? Yes please. Sweet and Sour chicken? It should be showcased in the pantheon of great take-away food. However, this vegetable cereal trend going on in Australia needs to stop.

A new study of Australian breakfast habits uncovered some weird results surrounding cereal habits (we’d call it abuse). More than half a million Australians are already going green by throwing thin slices of vegetables in their morning bowl!


As many Aussies are mixing up their most important meal of the day tossing spreads like peanut butter into the cereal (we can get on board with this) as well as herbs and spices.

The method behind the madness is that the working day can take its toll on your diet and five a day count. Between business lunches, meal-deal sandwiches and being too busy to eat, finding the time to get your greens in can be hard. These meals combine veggies and grains to make a hybrid superfood of sorts.

Combining these breakfast bowls with calcium-rich yoghurt or milk means that you’ve got a day’s fuel in one bowl… sound slightly better now.


However, food stylist and recipe developer Jennifer Jenner saw this development coming from a mile away and that’s because of Instagram. The Foodie revolution has nurtured an environment where people are celebrated for getting creative with their breakfast choices.

She writes: “the opportunity to personalise and get more creative with different ingredients, flavours, textures and styling combos can make a smile brekkie bowl a real social media star”.

“The trend will continue to grow as it gives people the option of a quick and easy sweet or savoury brekkie cereal bowl”, she continues. Give it a go and tell us whether it’s as good as it’s cracked up to be.