pancake day

Pancake Recipes: How To Cook A Pancake In The Microwave

This year Pancake Day falls on Tuesday 28th February. And we've got an easy pancake recipe for you to copy at home (or at work!)...

If you’re anything like me, finding a fail-safe – and easy – pancake recipe is like gold dust.

It might be the easiest mixture to come out of a kitchen, but there’s just something about getting the measurements just right (and don’t even get me started about the tossing technique) that makes me nervous.

So when I heard that you could actually cook pancakes in the microwave (I kid you not), I pretty much did a little dance in my seat. True story.

This recipe is so easy, that even I can do it. Winning.

All you need is:

Plain flour 


1 egg

Butter (for the plate)

Chocolate sauce 


Chocolate decoration

Oh, and a microwave.

Now all that you need to think about is your all-important topping combination…