Gin Baubles Are Now A Thing And We’re Obsessed

They're only 99p, people...

Get that Christmas tree up, Mariah Carey blasting and the fairy lights on because we have a little something that will make you wish for Christmas to come early.

Behold, the most fun DIY project and the most versatile Christmas decoration you will ever encounter: booze filled baubles.

Head to Home Bargains (in store only, while stocks last) for an empty bauble complete with a snazzy striped straw that you can fill up yourself with your selected beverage. Yup, really. Want to know the best part? They’re only 99p! We can’t deal.

If you’re a gin fan (we all know one), keep the festive feeling by choosing an instilled spirit; orange, ginger and cinnamon infused gins will get that Christmas mood going.

Home Bargain baubles

You can however, fill them with whatever you please – Prosecco to add some bubbles to your baubles or rum for some extra spice. It doesn’t have to be booze central either – fill with your favourite elderflower sparkle or lemonade to keep the party going. They’ll be perfect for all the family.

If DIY isn’t what you fancy, take the fast lane and pick up premade boozy baubles. Pickering’s Gin Baubles at White Stuff come fully loaded with Pickering’s signature gin and tonic for £30 – enough for six pre dinner beverages for you and your guests. You can still stock up on booze and refill to keep the baubles full to the brim after the original drink is consumed, obviously.

Pickering’s Gin Baubles at White Stuff, £30

Gin baubles


But be quick; their site crashed last year after an astonishing 30,000 were sold in 82 seconds.

And that’s not all that’s multipurpose about this must-have festive product. After the party is over simply hang on the tree to complete your Christmas decorating, minimal tidying up is definitely something we can get on board with.

As you can see the baubles are everything we have ever wanted and more, so naturally everyone wants a box.

Get hunting in Home Bargains or your fingers typing for Pickering’s, its time to get ready for Christmas.

By Abi Colgan