Why Drinking Diet Coke Could Reduce Your Chances Of Getting Pregnant


We know that some things in life are very bad for you – smoking, excessive drinking, drugs, maxing out three credit cards at a time…

But what you might not know is how your daily Diet Coke is affecting your fertility. And news just in says it’s pretty bad.

According to The Telegraph, researchers from Federal University of Sao Paulo have discovered a link between drinking fizzy diet drinks and a woman’s chance of getting pregnant.

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diet coke

Sweeteners in diet drinks have been linked with lower fertility…

The report, which interviewed 524 women undergoing IVF treatment, found a worrying connection between artificial sweeteners such as saccharin and sucralose, and reduced fertility rates.

It also flagged up synthetic sugars found in diet drinks with poorer quality of eggs and embryos. Scary stuff.

Whilst the research shouldn’t be taken as gospel – some people are dubious about the thorough nature of the report  – it’s still something to take seriously.


Could sweeteners be just as harmful as sugar?

‘This is a very interesting study that suggests the false promise of artificial sweeteners that are found in soft drinks and added to drinks, such as coffee, may have a significant effect on the quality and fertility of woman’s eggs and this may further impact on the chances of conception,’ Professor Adam Balen, Chairman of the British Fertility Society, said.

‘These findings are highly significant to our population. There should be more scrutiny of food additives and better information available to the public and, in particular, those wishing to conceive.’

It’s not the first time we’ve received warnings about diet drinks – back in 1996, a study found possible links between Aspartame and brain tumours.

Maybe it’s time to think twice before cracking open that can of Diet Coke.