Hotel Chocolat Is Selling A Chocolate Pink Champagne Easter Egg

The Easter bunny's a classy gal this year

Easter will be soon upon us and while most people will flock to the standard Cadbury’s Creme Egg or whatever’s on offer at Tesco’s, one chocolatier has stepped up their game this year. Hotel Chocolat has just combined two of our favourite things ever and launched a super decadent champagne chocolate Easter egg just in time for the season.

Filling a chocolate egg with champagne is just as tricky as it sounds, however Hotel Chocolat worked around the logistics by stuffing their chocolate eggs with luxe champagne-filled truffles. And they haven’t skimped on the booze either – they’ve filled them with both pink and regular Mercier champagne for an extra dash of sophistication.

champagne chocolate easter egg

While naturally the champagne is the main event here, the chocolate itself is a blend of 40% milk, white and strawberry chocolate crafted from real fruit and fresh whipped cream. The egg is part of their extra thick range, meaning they’ve added extra millimetres of chocolate shell thickness that make it a contender for one of the best Easter eggs ever.

Plus, the box is absolutely adorable and we’re already planning our Easter flat lay.

Extra Thick Champagne Easter Egg

champagne chocolate easter egg

Extra Thick Champagne Easter Egg, £27, Hotel Chocolate

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The treat is already available on the Hotel Chocolate website and you can also drop into one of their many locations around the UK to pick one up in person. An egg this nice unfortunately comes with a hefty price tag, as this beauty will set you back £27. But hey, Easter only comes once a year and you’re going to need a post-Lent treat if you’ve given up sweets for the season.

Just – uh – make sure the kids don’t get into this one.

By Megan C. Hills