Everyone Is Going Crazy Over This Cheese Advent Calendar

We're starting the countdown already...

So we blinked and summer disappeared and now we’re 11 weeks away from Christmas Day, how the hell did this even happen?

Anyway, this now means we can get super excited about fleecy penguin PJs, hot chocolate (with cake, obvs) and you know, even more food.

Which brings us to the joy of advent calendars. The only time of the year chocolate for breakfast everyday is acceptable, even though we would argue any day is a good day.

However, for those of you that don’t want choc for breakfast, weird we know, Asda has saved the day with a cheese, yes you read right, CHEESE calendar. Not all heroes wear capes, people.

The calendar created by Annem, the lady who also made the cheese Easter egg, the ‘Cheester egg’ shall we say, has done it again. All hail Annem for making our cheesy dreams come true.

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So, when can we get it? How much is it? And, is it acceptable to open it before the first of December? Basically, we want it RN. But we’ll all have to wait another month to get out hands on it as it’ll be launching in Asda from the 6th of Nov for only £9.99, and we predict this won’t stay fully stocked for long.

With 24 individually wrapped cheeses of five different varieties, the calendar also comes in a handy book design so you can break it in half to maximise fridge space. Uh-mazing, right?

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We’re all going to be very busy prepping for party season and stocking up on control pants ready to consume all of the cheese, so to avoid the worst thing from happening ever, and saving any of us from forgetting to go and buy this at 8am on the 6th, Annem has made a reminder we can all sign up to here.

Is there anything this girl hasn’t thought of? Ok yes, dips, we need dips for our cheese but I guess we can sort this before November.

Christmas, we’re ready for you and all your cheesy goodness.