11 Things You Can Legitimately Do Now It’s December

Mince pies, Mariah Carey, mulled wine... Here's what we wish we could do EVERY month

1.Listen to Christmas songs – all day, everyday. In the office, at home, heck we’ll even have ‘em in the gym. We’ve waitied ELEVEN months for this, people.


2. Eat yourself to death and not feel guilty because, let’s face it, we all need a little winter warmer. Where the mince pies at?


3. Wear Christmas jumpers. Yeah, you’ve got Rudolph plastered all over you, and what?!


4. Get an advent calendar, and because you’re an ‘adult’, you might even eat all the chocolates at once. For breakfast. Oohhhh.


5. Watch Elf three times a week because it’s finally totally acceptable and you no longer have to watch on mute with subtitles. And breathe.



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6. Drink wine, wine and erm, more wine. If ever there were an excuse to be inappropriately drunk, it’s Christmas. Someone stop us.


7. Spend your hard-earned cash on overpriced, overcomplicated coffees and justify it with a ‘cool red cup’. Props to Starbucks.


8. Go shopping every. Single. Day. And blame it on your Christmas shopping. Yes Mum, Dad’s socks really do need this much deliberation.


9. Cry unashamedly at adverts. John Lewis, Marks & Spencer, Very… What are you doing to us?


10. Duvet days are a done thing. You’re skint, it’s cold and there’s officially no reason to leave the house. Except chocolate.


11. Be smug you’re single. You might not have a partner, but neither do you have to spend £5937 on presents. He-llo New Year wardrobe.