3 Steps To… A Strong Body Like Zanna Van Dijk

The fitness blogger and personal trainer teaches us her top three workout moves

Zanna van Dijk is one of our biggest health and fitness inspos RN.

Boasting almost 160k Instagram followers, the personal trainer is well and truly taking over the fit-osphere. And we’re a little bit obsessed.

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So when we were offered the chance to work out with her, what did we say? A big fat YES, obviously.

Zanna’s known for her strong body, so we were keen to find out exactly how she tones those abs and builds those biceps. Here are the moves she taught us…

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1) Commando to knee taps

Come down into a low plank, push yourself back up, lift your hips up into the air and tap each knee.

Zanna says: ‘What I really want you guys to focus on with this movement is keeping your core engaged, your core tight and your hips stable, especially as you’re coming up and down as you’re coming out of the high and low plank. That’s really going to engage your obliques and get that core burning.’

2) Dumbbell Romanian deadlift to curtsey lunge

Go into the Romanian deadlift, focusing on keeping your back straight, your core engaged and hinging forward from the hips, letting your neck fall with your body.

Then come up and step back into a curtsey lunge. As you come back out of the lunge, squeeze your glutes.

Zanna says: ‘This exercise is really going to get your hamstrings and your glutes, and to be honest, your core and your legs too. It’s a great one.’

3) Step ups with Arnold press

Go from a standing position down onto your knees and then extend your arms overhead into an Arnold press.

Zanna says: ‘This is a true full-body exercise. The key is to twist your arms as you press them to get the heads of your delts (shoulders).

‘Try to keep your core engaged as you step up out of the kneeling position and make sure you’re pushing up through your heels to activate your glutes and your hamstrings.’