The Food Medic Tells Us Her Health And Fitness Dos And Don’ts

And Dr Hazel Wallace has also shared her tips for a healthy breakfast...

Dr Hazel Wallace (@TheFoodMedic) is a personal trainer with a passion for nutrition. She’s got some nifty dos and don’ts to get us moving more and eating more healthily…

DON’T… Restrict Yourself

‘Food should be something we enjoy. You should never feel unhappy or restricted. Banning certain foods increases the risk of bingeing.’

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DO… Have Dessert

‘I never tell anyone to cut out any food groups. I include everything – I eat chocolate every day after dinner! Maybe skip the whole slab for the week leading up to your holiday, but that’s it.’

DON’T… Have A Cheat Meal

‘I always get asked: “What’s your cheat meal?” I don’t think of my meals as cheat meals; if I want a pizza, I’ll go out and have a pizza, but I don’t do that all the time.’

DO… Cook For Yourself

‘Make sure that you’re cooking from scratch and having balanced meals. That will stop you from reaching for snacks. Plus you’ll be more conscious of what you’re eating.’

DON’T… Over-Exercise

‘Do three workouts a week; a mixture of strength-based exercises and high-intensity interval training. I do compound movements, such as squats and deadlifts, and I’ll use body-weight moves for my HIIT.’

YAS 👏 Pretty chuffed that I can push 42.5kg over my head without too much struggle. Nothing makes me more motivated than seeing progress in my training but I also understand the frustration of wanting to lift heavier and not being able to do it. Trust me, I've been deadlifting the same weight for the past couple months. It's a slow progress and everyone is on their own journey. We all have own strengths and weaknesses. Although I could lift heavier on this particular lift than @zannavandijk this morning, she totally smashed her deadlift and managed to do 11 reps at 70kg 🙌🏽 So moral of the story don't compare your progress to someone else's. There was one day where I could hardly pick this bar up off the ground. Next week.. I'm going in on the 45kg 😎 what's your goal? What keeps you motivated? #TheFoodMedic #HazelWallace

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DO… Think About Your Pre- And Post-Workout Feeds

‘If I’m training really early, I’ll make a protein shake with protein powder, banana, almond milk and lots of ice. Afterwards, I’ll have chicken or fish with veg and sweet potato to refuel.’