This Sportswear Collection Will Actually Make You Want To Workout

A lot.

Sportswear comes and goes. Primark has an offering we can’t get enough of, while there’s a whole load of retro revivals doing the rounds. But there’s one in particular we can’t stop thinking about: PUMA’s Velvet Rope collection. There are a few reasons for this:

1. It’s completely different to our usual gym kit. PUMA says, “Inspired by the New York City ballet, the PUMA Velvet Rope collection is all about slaying doubts, living fierce and pushing boundaries.” We’ll go into more detail about the aesthetics in a moment, but think mesh panels and rose gold detail. Yup.

Bra, £20, PUMA Velvet Rope collection

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2. It trumps all leggings/sports bras/shorts/vests in the femininity stakes. The Velvet Rope line is targeted at urban ballet and aerial workouts (don’t worry- it works for running/squatting/lifting, too), so it’s all about lengthening the legs and highlighting ladylike curves.

3. It’s comfortable. You know how certain gymwear is so comfortable you’d happily keep it on all day if you could? Well, this beats everything- and we mean, everything- we’ve tried before.

Tights, £55, PUMA Velvet Rope collection

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4. It’s inspired by Rihanna. The collection comes as part of PUMA’s Do You campaign, which is all about championing individuality. As Riri once said, “I dare myself to make things work. I don’t do things for the response or controversy. I just live my life.” Preach.

Besides all that, the collection is just down right bloomin’ beautiful. It comes in a palette of black and rose gold, while there’s everything from tights to an all-in-one bodysuit to die for. Seriously. To recap, you’re looking at the hottest sportswear collection of the season. And it’s available now.