Primark Sportswear: The Best For Your Workout

New year, new you, new gym kit...

Primark has long been our one-stop shop for all things fashion, but did you know they also stock a pretty fabulous range of Primark sportswear that is ticking ALL of our workout boxes right now.

Because lets face it ladies, buying comfortable and affordable sportswear can quite often become a little bit of a retail mission. First you have to try and find the right clothes to suit your workout (yoga, cross training, boxercise, etc), then you have to make sure it’s comfy before embarking on some mammoth gym session (no one likes chaffing), and lastly, it also has to suit the tightness of your purse strings. That’s where Primark sportswear comes in.

Primark have provided us with the solution to all our sportswear woes and thanks to a new collaboration with Alice Liveing, including some uber stylish and super-wearable gym pieces that will fit every exercise need, without breaking the bank, we can all wear some of the hottest pieces in town.

Primark Sportswear Crop Tops

Crop Top, £5, Primark


With separates starting from only £3.50, you can no longer sack off that spin class you planned with your BFF because you have ‘nothing to wear’. These ones are so good, we don’t ever want to take them off.

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Primark Sportswear Leggings

Leggings, £6, Primark

As well as stylish ties and mesh panels, Primark leggings also have the added benefit of seamfree lines, lightweight fabrics, and super breathable shapes; all key factors in making sure that your gym kit performs as well as it looks. If high impact sport isn’t your thing then don’t panic; Primark  has some rather chic pieces for all you yoga and pilates girls out there who prefer the stretch over the burn – we’re particularly loving their urban style mesh panelled leggings: a great way to add a cute little twist to your yoga kit.

Primark Sportswear Tops

Top, £5, Primark

Whether you’re after a long-sleeved top for an al frecso run or a vest for your spin class, Primark has something for everyone. The best part? They start from just£4. We’ll take one of each.

You know the drill ladies – don’t leave it too long to get down to your nearest Primark store- these pieces will be snapped up quicker than you can say protein shake. Don’t worry though, we’ve got loads more going on over at our best Black Friday trainer deals and Black Friday clothing deals pages if you want even more athleisure.

Happy sportswear shopping!