Too Much Exercise Can Actually Make You Put On Weight

Say wha!?

Ok, we know what you’re thinking. You go to the gym, you work out, you eat healthy and quite frankly this is all lies. HOW could one possible put weight on by exercising.

And before you try and catch us out, no we are not about to say anything about how muscles weigh heavier than fat ect ect, over exercising can have many detrimental effects on your body and weirdly, weight gain happens to be one of them. Says who? Says science. So there. Now that we have your attention, we’re going to explain how this makes sense.

Lyn-Genet Recitas is a nutritionist and the woman behind The Metabolism Plan, and in a recent post on MindBodyGreen she decided to clear up some myths about how you should effectively be boosting your metabolism.

Long term weight loss is only achieved and sustained by an increasing your metabolism, right. So, it makes sense that anything that slows your metabolism down results in weight gain. Most people equate exercise to a boost in metabolism, but overexercising can actually have the opposite effect.

When your body is put though excessive physical stress your hormones are affected. This has a knock on effect on the function of your thyroid, like oestrogen, testosterone and cortisol. ‘These skewed hormones affect your thyroid, the master gland of your metabolism,’ says Recitas.

‘Overexercising also affects your endocrine system, which creates even higher levels of cortisol,’ she explains. So, there you have it. Naturally, this is music to our ears – any opportunity to pass up a weight for more time in bed gets our stamp of approval.

Brb, we’re just off to cancel our class tomorrow so we can get some extra zzzz’s. All in the name of weight loss, obvs.