Love Island’s Olivia Buckland Opens Up About Her Body Insecurities

The 22-year-old admits that she doesn't always feel confident about herself...

It’s hard to imagine that Olivia Buckland would ever stress over body hang-ups.

We mean… have you seen her bod?! It’s more than enough to send us sprinting to the nearest gym with an apple in hand.

But it turns out we’re wrong. The Love Island star has totally been there, done that and got the T-shirt when it comes to feeling insecure.

Despite having spent a full six weeks rocking a bikini on national TV this summer, Olivia has admitted that she hasn’t always been so body confident.

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She tells Star: ‘I’ve had times in the past where I’ve been too skinny and I’ve always been worried about my shape, but I’ve learned to love the way I look.’

So, how does one achieve the Olivia Buckland physique? Sadly, mainly through having top notch genetics – with a little hard work on the side.

Liv, 22, explains that because she loses weight quickly due to a high metabolism, she avoids doing cardio in the gym, opting instead to do weights up to five times a week. Some people just have all the luck, right?

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However, despite being blessed with the gift of a fast metabolism, Olivia still tries to eat healthily.

She continues: ‘I eat really well during the week. I’ll have a protein shake in the morning and rice cakes with peanut butter. I snack on nuts, lunch is tuna salad and for dinner it’s chicken and sweet potato. Then at the weekend I have McDonald’s and pizza.’

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Liv also shared that she avoids weighing herself because it makes her self conscious, choosing instead to just go on what she looks like. D’ya know what, Liv, we’re very much liking your fitness ethos.

Side note: Alex’s favourite body part of Liv’s is her bum. You know, in case you’ve ever found yourself wondering about that…

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