7 Easy Ways To Work Out In The Office

*While still looking kinda professional

Busy at work? Can’t get to the gym in the evening? It sounds weird, but an office workout could be for you.

Studies have linked sitting at a desk all day to a number of health issues, so busting out a few simple moves during the day can do you the world of good.

Of course, you don’t want to look too crazy (or sweaty) in front of your colleagues. So we’ve devised seven super-easy exercises that’ll keep you looking kinda professional…

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1. The Printer Press-Up

Instead of standing around like a lemon waiting for that 300-page report to print, do this neat exercise. Stand with your arms just wider than shoulder-width apart, lower your chest to the counter and keep your elbows close to your sides. Repeat until the machine’s stopped having a hissy fit.

2. The Laptop Bicep Curl

Waiting for a client outside your conference room? Put your two minutes of spare time to good use by working out your arms.

Like you would with weights, exhale and bring the laptop up to shoulder height while contracting your bicep. If you work on a desktop, try an unplugged phone, water bottle or paper ream.

3. The Desk Chair Twist

Keep your feet just above the floor, place only your fingertips on the edge of your desk and use your abs to twist slowly from left to right. HELLO, six-pack.

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4. The Seated Leg Lift

Stuck on the phone to a client? You can still get those legs working! Taking turns, lift each pin to a 90-degree position.

5. Take The Stairs

Such a simple one, but easily forgotten. Ditch the elevator and take the stairs, even if you work on the seventh floor. It’s easy, free exercise that nobody should be passing up.

6. The Tea Break Training Sesh

A brew is the perfect excuse for a couple of minutes away from your desk. Make those minutes count, by raising your lower legs and squeezing your calf muscles.

7. Jogging On The Job

Okay, we’ve got to admit, this one may get you a few funny looks. But if you’re keen to keep up your cardio, it’s the exercise for you.

Not sure you’d get away with breaking out into a run so close to your boss’s eagle eye? Sneak into a meeting room for a minute or two.