Love Island’s Kady McDermott Spills Her Workout Secrets

The Love Island beauty explains how she's managed to maintain *that* infamous bum of hers...

Love Island‘s Kady McDermott wasn’t just known for her fiery temper and gorgeous peepers during her time in the villa – she was also known for THAT bum.

Yep, the 20-year-old has one of the perkiest posteriors in the ‘biz, and we’ve been dying to know just what she does to keep her butt in shape.

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Thankfully, Kady is more than willing to share, and has revealed her workout secrets in a recent Twitter Q&A with Reveal.

And actually, Kady admits that she worked very hard to look that banging before appearing on the show.

love island kady bum

Love Island’s Kady says she worked out 5/6 times a week before appearing on the show…

‘Before I went into the villa, I’m not going to lie… For three/four months I was in the gym five or six times a week.’

However, the brunette beauty says that since then, she’s then majorly relaxed her workout regime. Well, you’d never know…

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love island kady bum

Kady’s bum became *very* famous in the villa…

‘Since I was in the villa all I did was eat cake’, she said.  ‘I am quite lucky because it is quite natural, but I couldn’t even tell you that I’m a massive gym freak. I guess I was before the show, but not now. I haven’t been to the gym in two months.’

*Sigh*. Some girls have all the luck, eh?

Scott Thomas’ gorgeous lady found herself defending her Instagram pictures again at the weekend, after people called her out for ‘Photoshopping’ her eyes.

Sharing a selfie before a night out, Kady wrote: ‘Before anyone accuses me of editing my eyes again add me on snapchat – kadymcdermottx cos there’s no photoshop on snapchat?’.

We believe you, girl. Those peepers are ALL real.