How To Get Louise Thompson’s Killer Body

The Made In Chelsea star explains how she stays in shape - even when constantly on holiday...

If there’s one famous lady who’s looking absolutely smokin’ hot this summer, it’s Lousie Thompson.

The Made In Chelsea beauty has been showing off her incred bikini body all summer whilst filming Made In Chelsea: Cannes – and now we know just how she got that six-pack looking so amazing.

And no, she hasn’t honed that bod just by sitting on the sofa munching Doritoes – even Louise admits it takes a lot of hard work.

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louise thompson

Louise admits she works very hard for her body…

‘Keeping in shape can be hard when you are away so much’, she tells LOOK. ‘I have two personal trainers and I let them do most of the work.’

And when she’s away on holiday? ‘I follow a plan of 3 different circuits that I will try and repeat 3 times a week’, she explains.

The brunette beauty also explains that she’s altered her style slightly after learning what suits her over the years.

louise thompson

Louise says she does 3 or 4 circuits whilst on holiday

‘I learn from my past mistakes when it comes to looking my best on camera’, she says. ‘I always wear things that suit my figure as opposed to trying to fit in by wearing what I think if ‘fashionable’.’

Fab abs aside, Weez’s holiday beauty looks have also been on-point – whether she’s rocking a red lip or dewy skin, she’s been looking totally flawless.  But she hasn’t always got it so right…

Speaking of her biggest beauty disaster, Louise says: ‘Circa 2014 I was aware that eyebrows were a big deal, i.e. the Cara Delevigne trend.

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louise thompson

Louise says her biggest beauty disaster involves her eyebrows…

‘So I used to try and give myself large brows to emulate her style but instead I ended up looking like Spock. I was unaware that in order to make them look good you have to keep a similar thickness throughout the whole eyebrow, instead mine were massive at the centre by the nose and then tailed off, and they were way too straight across my brow.

‘The thing about eyebrows is that you have to stick to the shape that you are born with. Then you can either pencil or shadow to fill in the gaps and add thickness. I like to think that I have nailed it now, after watching a whole series of Made in Chelsea where they jumped half way up my face and were wonky (I have very strong facial expressions).’

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LOL. You live and you learn, eh Weez?