Lewis Bloor Hits Back At Body Shaming With Inspiring Before And After Shot

The CBB star has shown just how far he's come with an Instagram post that hits back at celebrities being body shamed...

Former TOWIE star Lewis Bloor has shown haters what for with some amazing before and after body pics.

Despite winning over the nation after appearing on this year’s Celebrity Big Brother, a few people have taken it upon themselves to criticise the star’s body. Yawn.

So taking to Instagram, the 26-year-old has shared some pretty incredible before and after snaps to show those bodyshamers exactly how hard he’s been working.

We think he looked great before, but our favourite TOWIE fella has written an inspirational post to go with his transformation pictures, which made us fall in love with him even more.

Lewis wrote: “Alot of comments from people about the shape of my body since big brother. Its sad that people will always find a way to stop people improving themselves unless they reach perfection then they are praised as gods.”

He went on: “Life is about the journey not the destination. Im proud of my journey. Dont let people reflect their own insecurities on to you.”

Too right.

? #health

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As expected, his ever loyal fans were on hand to show their support with comments like: “Looking good , @lewisbloor1keep doing whatever it is your doing.” and “Well said @lewisbloor1people will always judge. Keep the spirit up!!”

Lewis, who is currently dating reality star Marnie Simpson, is no stranger to fitness, and his Instagram is full of workout routines and healthy foods. He even has his very own work-out app.

It’s safe to say Lewis’ body transformation is seriously impressive, but his abs shouldn’t have to look like they’ve been carved by angels to stop all the body shaming.

By Naomi Bartram