How To Know If You’re Drinking Too Much

These warning signs may surprise you...

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It’s Friday night and you have every intention of going to the gym, until someone mentions a cheeky drink after work. It’s been a hard week after all. But, like Rachel Watson, played by the gorgeous Emily Blunt in the hotly anticipated film The Girl on the Train, when does one innocent tipple turn into one too many?

And how do you spot the signs…

You’re craving the 6pm drink

Do you find yourself counting how many hours it is until you can pour yourself a large glass of wind-down wine? It’s not long before that one glass a night turns into half a bottle or a bottle. So, if your first thought on getting home is wine, think again.


Whether it’s saving money or plucking up the courage to face a big night out, getting drunk on cheap drinks before you leave your house carries risks. Not only is it hard to keep track of how many you’ve had, this is one bad habit to get into.

Your clothes are getting smaller

Alcohol is all about empty calories – it won’t fill you up but it will make you fatter. Drinking a couple of G&Ts or a couple of glasses of wine is calorifically the same as having a burger. And the double whammy is that after a night of alcohol, kebabs and fries slip down much more easily than a superfood salad.

You wake up feeling tired…

Drinking alcohol close to bedtime can disrupt your sleep. On a typical night we have six or seven REM cycles but alcohol can cut this down to two, which means you wake up looking and feeling weary instead of refreshed and raring to go.

The cringe factor

Another night, another morning of cowering under your duvet as you slowly remember what you said to your boss. Apologising to friends and work colleagues is becoming a bit of a habit. One you need to stop!

You’re not loving your skin

Let’s face it, we’ve all looked in the mirror the morning after the night before and recoiled in horror. Apart from dehydrating your skin, alcohol deprives it of natural vitamins and minerals. Over time, your complexion will become flushed and dry – not a good look.


You’ve woken up in a stranger’s bed and can’t remember how you got there. This is most definitely the darker side of drinking to excess. If you’re constantly asking ‘How did I get here?’ you’re drinking too much.

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