Khloe Kardashian Slams Kim For Her Poor Effort Down The Gym

Khloe compares each of her sisters' workout styles, and lays into Kim for not trying hard enough...

Khloe Kardashian’s sister Kim might have just been through a pretty horrible ordeal, but that’s not stopping Khloe from rinsing her.

The 32-year-old has been discussing each of her sisters in a new blog post entitled What It’s Like To Work Out With Each Family Member on her website.

And despite Kim’s recent efforts to up her gym game and hone and tone her body since having baby Saint, Khloe’s still not impressed with her sister’s fitness game.

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Throw back pic…. I miss my in shape body 😩😫 put down the fork Khloé

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‘I love having a gym buddy to get my ass up in the morning!’ Khloe began, before adding: ‘Some of my sisters are more motivating than others, though, LOL.’

And first in the firing line was Kim.

‘Kim has the best body but she doesn’t work out a lot, so it’s just like a half-a** weird thing when we’re exercising together,’ Khloe slammed.

Selfish in Mexico

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‘She always tells me I’m a beast and I’m like, “No, I’m just working out, Kim.” Also she doesn’t sweat, she just glistens, LOL.’

We’d love to just glisten at the gym, TBH. Sounds like our Kimmy right there.

Next up, Khloe revealed that despite her seriously enviable curves, Kylie Jenner barely works out. HOW IS LIFE FAIR.

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‘Kylie doesn’t really work out,’ said Khloe. ‘She did come with Kourt and me one time, when Don was training us. Don does four quarters in each session and Kylie only stayed for one quarter.’

However, Kendall sounds like a total pro in the gym, and Khloe says her little sister can thank dad Bruce/Caitlyn for that one.

‘Kendall’s a really good fitness partner because she’s super athletic. She has her dad’s body so it doesn’t take a lot for her to get in shape,’ Khloe said.

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vintage Paris Hilton vibes. 21 21.

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But her favourite is, of course, Kourtney, who Khloe describes as being totally kickass in the gym.

Kourtney, who has always talked about her workout routines, was praised.

‘I never wanted to work out with Kourt because I thought she’d always be a pussy, but she’s a G in the gym!!!’ Khloe gushed.

Well, we’ve all learnt something today, haven’t we?