Michelle Keegan Tells Us Exactly How She She Got Her Body

We caught up with the actress to learn what she really does in the gym...

NGL, Michelle Keegan is one of our biggest girl crushes. She’s gorgeous, down-to-earth and was a total bad-ass in BBC1 Army drama Our Girl.

We caught up with Michelle to chat about her new fitness range for Very.co.uk, getting her to spill all her gym secrets, how she stays motivated and how many times she really works out each week…

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You’re finally taking a break from work. How does it feel?

It’s so good. I feel like I’ve been in a dream. The best bit’s been catching up with family and friends, I feel like I’ve seen everyone now so I can relax.

We love your new Very.co.uk fitness range. What specifics did you want to include in the collection?

I wanted something for everyone and something people would feel both comfortable and confident in. I like the idea of patterns, textured leggings and something you can wear in the day but you don’t necessarily have to go to the gym in. That’s why I’ve included the jumpers, too – it’s more lounge activewear.

I put the gym off until the evening but always wear the outfit throughout the day, so I thought I might as well do a collection that you can run errands in but still go to the gym.

Which is your favourite piece?

I love the leather-look black leggings with the textured print. I think they look really cool with one of the baggy jumpers.

Michelle Keegan

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Do you do more classes or go to the gym?

Gym. I hate having a time to be somewhere. If the class starts at 10, I’ll probably rock up at 10 past 10. I’d rather do my own thing, in my own time, at my own pace.

Talk us through your average week at the gym – do you workout daily?

On average, three times a week. But being away, I was working six days a week and the last thing I wanted to do on my one day off was go to the gym. We did quite a lot of physical movement in the series and we filmed a lot of running and obstacle courses, so that helps. Although I was eating a lot of noodles and rice. There was no getting away from it – fried rice for breakfast!

What tips and tricks can you give us?

I always start with a 20-minute HIIT, so I’ll put my phone on the floor and get a YouTube video up. I always use The Body Coach HIIT and I end feeling like I’ve had a good session, because I hate cardio.

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Do you wear make-up in the gym?

No, just moisturiser. I feel as if I’m clogging my pores, especially when sweating, you’re opening your pores and the last thing you want to do is let make-up seep in there. I feel dirty wearing make-up in the gym.

Mental health is as important as physical health, how do you keep your mind strong?

Everything in moderation. You have to take time out to see your family, see your friends, go out and have a nice meal without thinking you can’t eat this or that. Keep everything balanced. There’s so much pressure out there as it is without you putting pressure on yourself.

How do you motivate yourself to get up and do a workout?

Well, that’s what I tried to do this morning and it didn’t work [laughs]. I get motivated thinking of the feeling I know I’ll have after the gym. As soon as I’ve finished and have a shower, I’m ready to seize the day.

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