Chris Hemsworth’s Shirtless Workout Is Giving Us Gym Inspo

Happy humpday!

In need of a push to get you to the gym? Or just really want a good distraction from work? Look no further than Chris Hemsworth and his bulging muscles.

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The Australian actor shared a video of himself working out TOPLESS and the Internet has lots its mind over it.

chris hemsworth

The short video has already had well over 2million views and over 20K comments. It’s fair to say people are pretty impressed with Chris’, erm, technique.

Chris Hemsworth’s muscles are MASSIVE

Chris can be seen doing various beefcake exercises minus his shirt. There’s weight lifting, cycling, battle ropes, chin ups…

chris hemsworth workout

You name the super hard exercise and we bet Chris Hemsworth and his bulging biceps have nailed it.

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So, whether you’re looking for #fitspo or just want to make a cup of tea, eat a biscuit and watch Thor’s sweaty workout, Chris has kindly sorted your Wednesday.