3 Incredible Benefits Of Boxing By Anthony Joshua

LOOK writer Lucy spoke to IBF Heavyweight Champion Anthony Joshua on why boxing is the workout that women need to get to grips with…

When Nicola Adams walked away with her second Olympic gold medal this year, we rejoiced; boxing is no longer just a tough man’s sport.

We sent our very own Lucy Gornall for a one-on-one with IBF Heavyweight Champion Anthony Joshua, and he was quick to tell us the five benefits of incorporating boxing into your workout routine.

It can up your friend count

‘You meet some really good lifetime friends from boxing because you’re in a class and you’re destined to achieve the same thing. You really have a bond with a lot of people that you train with.’

Get fit, fast.

‘Boxing covers all bases. In a day I do my cardio, my strength conditioning and my boxing. I get really strong and fit because I’m sweating so much – you sweat out all your bad toxins.’

It can calm the nerves

‘If you want to de-stress, you can go and let it out.  It can definitely be used as a stress relief.’


LOOK’s Lucy with Anthony Joshua

Practice these moves for boxing perfection…

1. Place a hurdle on the ground (anything from a box to a stack of books). Start on one side and jump explosively to the left and then back again in a boxing stance over the hurdle. Do 12 reps.

2. Single leg squats build power individually in each leg. Squat with one foot on the ground and the other outstretched in front of you.

3. Using the cable machine at the gym, pull the cable across your body, ensuring it’s on a weight you feel comfortable with. Great for your core.

Where can I find the best boxing classes?

Kobox, London – Heavy bag boxing routines and functional strength training in a nightclub-esque studio.

Win & Lose at Virgin Active, nationwide – 60 minutes of jabs, hooks and upper cuts. Burns around 500 calories per class.

Lucozade Sport Made to Move sessions, PureGyms nationwide – Live workout classes with some BIG names to get you boxing fit!

Boxing at Fitness First, nationwide – Develop core strength and improve endurance, coordination and stamina.

By Lucy Gornall