Zoella Gives Her Top Tips On How To Love Yourself

As a world-renowned YouTube celebrity, the author of her very own book ‘Girl Online’, the face and owner of Superdrug’s ‘Tutti Frutti’ range and a former Great British Bake Off star, it’ll probably come as a surprise to you to hear that Zoe Sugg (aka Zoella) has battled with anxiety since she was just 14.

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In fact, as well as forging herself a cult status in the vlogging world, she’s also an ambassador for mental health charity Mind, where she shares her own experiences in a bid to help others in similar situations. And when Zoe’s not giving her 8 million YouTube followers all the fashion and beauty exclusives, she uses her channel as a second platform to raise awareness around the realities of anxiety. In celebration of our #LoveYourBody week, we’ve rounded up her top three tips for a healthy mind to highlight the importance of loving your body inside and out:

1.     ‘Take yourself out of the situation where you are feeling anxious. Step outside, go somewhere quiet. If you are feeling claustrophobic, go out, look up at the sky and think: “You’re not trapped”.’

2.     ‘When you panic, you breathe in too much oxygen, which can cause you to hyperventilate and cause you to freak out even more. So you have to be really aware of your breathing. Breathe slowly – in for 10 seconds, out for 10 seconds.’

3.     ‘Have a playlist of songs on your phone that keep you calm and bring back happy memories. They can help take your mind off situations, to stop you overthinking things.’

See, overcoming your inner demons really is easier than it seems. After all, if someone as exposed to criticism as Zoella can, anyone can. The only thing to remember? #LoveYourBody.    


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By Bridie Wilkins