Zoella Responds To Criticism Of Her Bedtime Selfie

How much controversy can a photo of Zoella in her undies create? A LOT, apparently. *Sigh*.

The 25-year-old ended up receiving a whole load of criticism after sharing a Snapchat of herself in her Calvin Kleins earlier this week.

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> It was *this* photo that caused a stir



In the selfie, Zoella – real name Zoe Sugg – pulled a peace sign at the camera as she relaxed under her duvet, working the lingerie with a simple white top.

So basically, someone in their mid-20s wore pants to bed. Shocker, eh?

But for some reason, she ended up receiving some incredibly harsh comments. For example: ‘Erm @Zoella I think you need to take your CK knickers off snapchat… [sic].’



Others claimed that her outfit was too ‘revealing’ and ‘risqué’ for her followers. Riiiight.

However, plenty of the vlogger’s fans were quick to come out in support of her, even coining the hashtag #WeStandWithZoe.

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> Alfie Deyes supported his girlfriend with a LOL-worthy snap



Her boyfriend Alfie Deyes – otherwise known as Pointless Blog – also got in on the action, slipping into a pair of women’s undies and copying her pose. Lolz.

He captioned the image on Twitter: ‘Wearing Zoe’s knickers for this one #WeStandWithZoe.’

> Alfie Deyes doesn’t look too bad in those panties, eh?


Clearly finding the sitch pretty hysterical, Zoe responded: ‘When your boyfriend rocks your pants better than you do.’

She later revealed: ‘Can I let you in on a little secret? @PointlessBlog is STILL WEARING MY KNICKERS.’

> Zoella has hit back at her body shamers


But all jokes aside, Zoe was clearly touched by the response. She Tweeted: ‘Brimming with love at all your support. The world is full of amazing people

‘I hope one day we will live in a world where promoting self love & body confidence won’t be sexualised or shamed.’

We’re SO with you there, lady.