So Is *This* The Girl In Zayn Malik’s Instagram Photo?

Has the mystery lady in Zayn Malik‘s sexy Instagram shot finally been revealed?!

According to The Sun, the girl in question may be named Carlyn Bryan. She’s worked in PR and lives in Los Angeles.

Seeing as Zayn’s been spending a lot of time over the pond in recent weeks, this does kinda make sense. Hmmmm.

Zayn Malik Zayn Malik got One Direction fans in a major tizz with his snap


Carlyn gave ‘no comment’ when asked about her and Zayn’s ‘budding romance’, but is said to want to keep it ‘under wraps as long as possible’.

‘They’ve socialised in the same place over the past year but their bond has only progressed recently,’ says a source.

Zayn posted the intimate photo at the weekend – and it’s caused quite a bit of controversy.

Not only is the ex-One Direction singer topless in the image, but his female companion bears more than a resemblance to his ex-fiancé Perrie Edwards. Eek.

Perrie Edwards and Zayn Malik in Instagram photo Perrie Edwards and Zayn Malik announced their split in August


Zayn, 22, can be seen wrapping his arm around the girl as he pouts saucily at her. She pulls a similar face while looking up into his eyes.

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The woman was first thought to be Teen Wolf actress Gage Golightly, but she’s since denied this.

Gage Golightly Gage Golightly is best known for her role in Teen Wolf


The 22-year-old cleared things up by posting a note to her Instagram page, which read: ‘Hi everyone, just wanted to clarify that I am not the girl in the photo with Zayn Malik.

‘But what a lucky girl! Love y’all. Gage.’

Gage Golightly's note Gage Golightly posted this note to Instagram


Zayn’s post came days after he penned the very mysterious Tweet: ‘I don’t want you to wait for me, I’m not coming home,’ alongside a peace sign emoji.

When this popped up on their Twitter feeds, some of his 15.8 million followers speculated that the comment could have been a thinly-veiled message to Little Mix’s Perrie, 22. Hmmm.

So how has Perrie reacted to Zayn’s photo (kinda) breaking the internet?

Little Mix Perrie Edwards has been busy with her Little Mix bandmates


Well. The Newcastle-born star has kept a dignified air since she and Zayn announced their break-up last month, and she’s doing exactly the same thing now.

LM ARE doing amazingly at the moment, so she has lots of other things to focus on.

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Perrie Edwards Perrie Edwards cuddles up to her pooch


Perrie actually treated fans to her own bedtime selfie on Sunday, sharing a photo of herself cuddled up with her dog.

She also showed just how confident she’s feeling (and so she should be), giving us a glimpse of a gorgeous no make-up selfie.

Perrie Edwards Perrie Edwards posts a stunning no make-up selfie


Um. Why don’t we look like that first thing?!