Zara Stores Set To Change The Way We Shop Forever

Everyone’s favourite high street store is about to get digital. Self check out tills are set to be rolled out to Zara stores nationwide and we for one, cannot wait.

The Spanish fashion store has become a huge hit the world over in recent years thanks to their designer inspired (and incredibly similar) designs. But here is where the problem lies..

We’ve all been there. You’re on your lunch break, you’ve bagged this season’s must have suede loafers in your size and the queue to pay is … HUGE. With many many buys, comes many many buyers and the wait for you to be united with your soon-to-be item is a long one.

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Once this technology is rolled out however, this could soon become a thing of the past. Already installed in several of the Zara stores in Spain, self service check out tills may be the answer to all our lunch time shopping prayers. We may never have to miss out on our lunch time buys again. Hell, we might even have time for lunch!

And that’s not all. Refinery 29 UK visited the Zara head office and discovered that the brand are also planning to install LCD displays on shop floors and touch-screens in changing rooms so you can find your size yourself, without having to hunt down a busy shop assistant. Genuis!

What’s next? Robots carrying our shopping for us? Actually, that would be handy…

Zara are always one step ahead when it comes to fashion and it looks like they’re about the change the way we shop too. With the whole world turning digitial it was only a matter of time before fashion followed. If it means we can get our hands on our pay day buys easier, we are all for it. As if we needed an excuse … God help our bank balance!

By Leigh Williams