Zara Has A New Sizing Tool And It’s AMAZING

No more ordering two sizes of the same item - yay!

Words by Lexxi Davis

Zara are great at SO many things. Creating the most covetable items of the season (that sell-out in seconds), making the Instgram set lose their collective mind over a £26 skirt…

And generally giving us everything are sartorial hearts desire. From secret swimwear and the most shop-able shoes, to the much loved home section. They really do have it all *sigh*

But Zara sizes – does ANYONE understand what S, M and L actually means for their shape??

We do now, thanks to their brilliant new sizing tool.

Zara Sizes Tool Hack

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You’ll now notice that when shopping your fave pieces online, a little blue question mark asks ‘What’s My Size?’ and the next part is pure magic…

Not only does it calculate the right size to buy from your chosen measurements (height and weight FYI), but ALSO asks your fit preference – Tight, Perfect or Looser.

It then gives you a percentage, based on what other shoppers bought and found to fit the best.

Zara Sizes Tool

So finally, there’s another option than trying on in store – hooray!

Genius Zara. We love you.