This Zara News Will Change The Way You Shop Forever


If you’re anything like us, you won’t need much persuasion to visit and also won’t need a lot of help filling up your baskets in approximately 3.5 seconds. However, although you may know what you want and be able to enter you credit cards quicker than you can check the limit, there’s always the not knowing if whatever you buy will actually fit or not.

And of course you’ll want to wear it as soon as you rip open the delivery bag, so Zara has created a solution to this problem and given us another excuse to online shop, immediately…

Zara shopping

So, first of all if you scroll down to the bottom of the product you NEED, okay WANT and select the ‘Find my size’ option.

This is where you can now enter your height, weight and your preferred fit i.e tight, perfect, or loose and it will calculate a suggested size you should buy, yep really.

But wait, there’s more…

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Zara shopping

It will suggest the percentage of people that opted for the two likely sizes based on the data you entered, and if you want an even more specific way of finding ‘the one’ then you can select the ‘Add information’ option to add in even more details.

Zara shopping

This is where you’ll come to three additional questions, they are all optional but the more you answer the more likely you are to be able to wear your Zara purchase as soon as it lands on your doorstep. AMAZING.

So, the first option is to select your figure type from the below choices of flatter, average, curvier. Once you’ve done this you can then move on to step 2…

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Zara shopping

This is where you select your body shape, from straighter, average and wider and move on to the final step towards your perfect outfit…

Zara shopping

This is where you have the option of choosing your age to add to the questionnaire in search of the best fit. Remember, all steps are optional and you can choose to ‘Skip’ any sections you don’t wish to answer.

Zara shopping

Once all these are added it’s nearly time to buy your new Zara picks, eeek. The best part if you ask us! So, now this is where Zara tells you which percentage of a certain size was purchased and not returned based on the information you have entered. Clever, eh?

Zara shopping

This breakthrough will literally change the way you shop, FOREVER, and subsequently mean you won’t have to deal with any more annoying returns or have to worry about trying before you buy.

And yes, in case you were wondering, we will be buying the checked blazer because it’s the cover-up of the season and if you haven’t got one already it’s time to invest.

Happy shopping!