Zara Self-Service Checkouts Are Now A Thing

And they're AMAZING

So far this year, Zara has opened the biggest store in the UK yet, launched a sustainable range to die for, and announced plans for a documentary revealing all the ins and outs of the store. You’d think that’d be enough to keep the brains behind the brand busy, but they’ve actually been working on what might be the most exciting Zara venture yet: self service checkouts. Yep, really.

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Zara unveiled their plans to start trialling said checkouts earlier this year, but they’d only reached Spanish stores until now. Indeed, next time you hit Zara on Oxford Street, you’ll come across the store’s newly introduced self service checkouts.

To set the scene for you, the machines are voiceless, touch screen and wireless. Wireless as in all you need to do is stand next to the kiosk and it’ll pick up what you’re buying and add it to your virtual basket on screen. Now that’s what you call the 21st century.

Added bonus- you get to remove the security tags yourself, so you’ll never have to worry about getting home and realising the sales assistant has left it on. Game-changer.

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There’s only one thing you can’t do with these miracle-workers, and that’s returns. You’ll still have to wait in line for help from a member of Zara stuff if you’re after a refund or exchange, but other than that these have just made Zara shopping even more exciting. As if that was even possible…