These Zara Shoes Are Currently Dominating Instagram

Zara Mules, £50

It’s 2016, people, which means only one thing. If you like something, you should let the world know via social media. An opinion isn’t an opinion until it’s been shared on Twitter, after all. And when it comes to fashion, a purchase isn’t a purchase until you’ve told Instagram, before waiting for all those ‘likes’ to come rolling in. Sure, your boyfriend might hate your new shoes, but at least 14 fellow users of Instagram think they’re absolutely great!

Over the weekend, several Zara-loving ladies decided to incite what we can only describe as mule madness (there’s a hashtag for that, probably) when they all started sharing pics of their new shoes. We’re all familiar with the eternal appeal of this high street shop, and it’s no surprise when specific items sell-out before promptly appearing on every other girl we pass in the street. Such experience did not prevent us from being quite surprised, however, by the extent of this new mule fan club.

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> These mules make for the perfect ‘shoefie’. Should that be something you’re into.

Image: @missionstyleuk

We actually stopped counting the posts we saw on our Insta-feeds after a while, safe to say A LOT of people bought these pink, suede, bow-adorned mules. We don’t really need to explain why these shoes have inspired such a following. There’s a block heel, they come in a suits-all shade of rose, there’s a giant bow on the front and they’re £50. What’s not to love? We’re already imagining how much improved our daily lives would be when we wear them with rolled-up jeans or with a chiffon maxi that stops just at the ankle. Black jumpsuits would be transformed, compliments would be collected. 

> Nothing says ‘I love my new shoes’ quite like a carefully placed perfume bottle and a bouquet of roses

Image: @crisg_dressingbazar

Having refreshed Zara’s website several (hundred) times already this morning, we regret to inform you that these blush bad boys have in fact sold out. What we would say, however, is don’t let this stop you. Chances are (like many a Zara sell-out before them) these shoes will return when you least expect it. Or, it’s very possible that actual, physical shops (which are still a thing!) currently have these mules on their shelves, just waiting to be picked up by a stylish person like yourself. 

If that is the case, we would suggest leaving your place of work immediately to head to the nearest Zara. If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on these beauties, just don’t forget to Instagram them. #MuleMadness.

> Want to show off your shoes? Consider a sunhat and a jaunty angle.

Image: @Jaramilrazones