There Is A Zara Outlet And This Is Not A Drill

Just when you thought your new year shopping habits were under control, along comes the news that a Zara outlet exists. Form an orderly queue...

Today is Blue Monday, supposedly the most depressing day of the year. It’s still January, it’s grey outside and it’s the middle of the month. Don’t lose heart just yet, though: we’ve unearthed some news that might just put a smile on your face.

As reported by Harpers Bazaar, it turns out that a Zara outlet store actually exists. While this sounds like the stuff of dreams, it’s not. Called Lefties (short for Leftovers), it was created by Inditex in 1993 to help sell all of the last season stock at amazing discounts.

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Zara outlet

We’re praying that Lefties arrives on UK shores soon

One burning question we do have is: how on earth has such a Nirvana existed since 1993 without us knowing about it?! Well, here comes the kicker. Unfortunately, there are currently Lefties stores in only Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Russia and Qatar. There is a website where one can browse all of the cut-price goodies but, alas, there is no online store. Items have to be reserved online and picked up in-store.

We know, we built you up only to knock you back down. There may still be hope, however. As outlined by Harpers Bazaar, Carlos Hernandez from consultancy firm Planet Retail told Reuters: “I think they could export the brand to other countries where Inditex has a large presence, like the UK and Germany. Spain is not the only country where the [economic] crisis has taken its toll.”

Zara outlet Lefties

With some pieces starting at just £3, Lefties is the stuff of dreams.

Let’s hope the bosses over at Inditex are listening. Just imagine how bountiful our wardrobes would be if a Zara outlet opened on our very own shores. It may not be on the cards right now but it’s certainly true that it would be worth the wait.