Zara Coats: The Best To Buy Now

Our edit of the very best Zara coats to snap up, pronto...

Zara coats are right up there when it comes to finding something stylish and affordable. We mean, Zara is right up there when it comes to finding anything stylish and affordable, but their coats are just so bloomin’ good we thought they deserved a little extra recognition.

Let us explain. 1) There’s something for literally everyone. From classic double-breasted duster coats to pimped-up pearl-encrusted parkas, you can take our word for it that Zara coats cater for all shapes and sizes.

2) They tick off near enough every trend you can think of. Embroidered, pink, checks, red, trenches… We could go on, but we think you get the idea…

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3) Zara coats might look like they’ve just walked off the catwalk, but they’re so cheap you won’t even notice it leaving your bank account. The average cover-up comes in at about £60, which, for something you’ll wear everyday and up your style status ten-fold, we’d say that’s pretty good going.

We can’t go without mentioning the quality, either. We’re sure we’re not the only ones who’ve spent ages umm-ing and ahh-ing over a new winter coat, only to spend on one that falls apart within the first few wears, are we? Zara coats. ‘Nuff said. We’ve tried and tested enough to know that you can wear these babies to death and they’ll never fall apart.

Our point, then? Buy. The. Zara. Coat. Or coats. We’ll go with that. Buy Zara coats.