7 Times Zalfie Gave Us All The Relationship Goals

Confused by Zalfie? You’re about to understand it completely. 

Because, relationship goals. 

Zalfie is the relationship name of Zoe Sugg, AKA Zoella, and Alfie Deyes, from the YouTube channel Pointless Blog.

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Both have conquered the internet as individuals, through the power of their vlogs, but they have also won the hearts of many – us included, and we’re not ashamed to admit it – through their oh-so-cute romance. 

So where did it all start?


After they struck up a friendship and appeared in a few collaborative videos together, fans started to speculate whether there might be a little more to it.

Wanting to maintain a little privacy – understandably – Zoe and Alfie decided to keep their developing relationship under wraps.

Tumblr blogs were set up by fans to try and decipher if Zalfie was real, until finally a video – a vlog from one of Zoe’s YouTuber friends – showed a snap of her laptop background, which was a coupled-up picture of herself with Alfie. 

The cat was well and truly out of the bag, and they took the decision to share their relationship news with their fans after all. Zoe’s blog post explained everything, and confirmed ‘yes, Zalfie is a thing’. The internet rejoiced. 


SInce then, 2 years have past, and not only has the couple gone from strength-to-strength in their careers as vlogging wizards, but their romance has also blossomed even further. They now live together, and show a lot more of their everyday lives to the camera. 

The world has come to see Zalfie as a special sort of role model. After all, other showbiz couples just don’t allow cameras to follow them around in their normal daily lives, so we see more than usual of this young duo. 

So that’s the story. And now, we chart some of their cutest moments. 


1. They’re the subject of some amazing fan art 





2. A couple that laughs together, stays together




3. They’ve started their family already


Ickle pug-baby Nala. 

4. Zalfie is feminist




5. Alfie is all about the compliments 




He captioned this shot of his girlfriend: “I’m so lucky! (@zozeebo)”

6. And Zoe’s always at it too… 


7. Their holiday snaps are worthy of a billboard 



Relationship goals?


We think so… 

By Laura Jane Turner

Pictures: Instagram @pointlessblog / @zozeebo