Everyone Is Talking About This Tribute Buy

Basically YSL for £69

Trends come and go but very seldom do they make a mark on society. The key to infiltrating the cultural zeitgeist is to amass a cult following which, nowadays, is spearheaded by social media. But what of the iconic wares pre-Instagram- how did they reach peak need? Courtesy of our favourite celebrities, of course!

Back in the early Noughties, before today’s top Influencers were even born (or at least of high school age), A-listers were solely responsible for dictating what was hot and, indeed, what was not. And, as long as we’re indulging the temperature analogy, YSL’s- or as it’s now known, Saint Laurent’s- ‘Tribute’ heels were once off-the-scale scorchio.

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From left to right: £600, £580, £580, ‘Tribute’ heels, YSL

Adored by Solange Knowles (!), sis Beyonce (!!) and Olivia Palermo (!!!), the stacked sandal was the height of sartorial sophistication.

Created by Francesco Russo under the direction of the brand’s then head designer Stefano Pilati, it became the must have of an age. And now, thanks to fashion’s obsession with all things (for the lack of a better word) tacky, they’re officially back.

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Heels, £69 each, Office

Restocked at the likes of Net-A-Porter and Matches (read: cool and classy places to shop); in turn, Office has too paid homage to the heel with its very own, aptly named ‘Nostalgia’ platforms. Uncanny, aren’t they?

Love them or hate them; whatever you do, just promise us not to wear them with handkerchief hems and disc belts- this is about all the throwback we can take for one week.