Your Look: The Best Of Your Style Shots

Calling all LOOK fashionistas and followers! We want to see pics of “Your LOOK” – whether you’ve created your own image or followed styles from the magazine. 


This week on LOOK’s Facebook page, Cerian Price got the most ‘likes’ for her outfit. We agree that she looks very pretty in this meadow! 

Cerian says: “I don’t like to follow trends, but I do like to take inspiration from them. I’m loving colour blocking at the moment. I love knee-high socks, Henry Holland tights, high-waisted shorts and skirts. I design my own jewellery and have started my own fashion blog. If you think you can better Cerian’s look, add YOUR LOOK photos of what you’re wearing (and share any style tips) to our Facebook page. Then, the one with the most ‘likes’ each week will appear with their photo on here. Get snapping, style queens! We can’t wait to see! JG

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