You’ll Never Guess Which Delevingne Is Styling Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton, arguably the best-dressed duchess and fashion icon is known for her elegant and flawless style. There’s no denying every time she steps on to the red carpet there’s a fashion buzz like no other, and for Kate’s latest red carpet outings we couldn’t help but notice she’s upped her game just a smidge. We were dazzled by her gorgeous powder blue,Jenny Packham gown at the Bond premiere in London last month, while the floral Erdem frock, worn to an event at the V&A, was a total moment for us in the Duchess’ style evolution.

Now it’s being reported that Kate may have had a little hand in the styling department thanks to a member of a very famous family. Yep, apparently there’s a Delevingne dressing the Duchess…

Can you believe it! Our fashionable little ears pricked up instantly when we heard this piece of glamorous goss.

Sadly the styling hook-up doesn’t include the most coveted Delevingne, Cara. Sob. So, before you start imagining Kate and Cara trying on Frocks together and swapping handbags, you should know it’s actually the matriarch of the family, Pandora, that we’re talking about.

It’s thought that Pandora, a personal shopper at Selfridges, could be behind Kate’s recent ravishing looks. Although known that Kate makes her own fashion choices and shuns using a stylist, we guess a little advice every now and then must be nice.

Kate Middleton Bond premiere Kate Middleton wows in Jenny Packham gown


Sources say that Pandora apparently advised Kate on both of her latest red carpet get-ups.It’s no surprise that Pandora may have been giving Kate a hand in the style stakes, advising royalty comes naturally to the Delevingne family. Pandora’s mother Jane Sheffield was a lady-in-waiting to the Queen’s sister, Princess Margaret. Fancy, eh!

Pandora and Cara Deleivingne Pandora poses alongside her model daughter Cara


Whether Kate’s been taking Pandora’s advice or not, we have to admit that Kate hasn’t put a foot wrong when it comes to wardrobe wars of late. Now, if we could just get an appointment slotted in with Pandora before our Xmas party kicks off, that would be just grand!