You’ll Never Guess What Rihanna’s New Design Job Is…

Instagram @badgalriri

It looks like Rihanna’s just scored herself a brand new design gig. Rumour has it that the singer is all set to sign a contract with Puma, sealing the deal on a collection of clothing and trainers, designed by Ri-Ri herself. According to various sources, the partnership will be pretty lucrative- the brand is said to have offered Rihanna a whopping seven figure sum to secure her not just as a collaborator, but also as an exclusive clothes horse.

Yep, if the deal goes ahead, apparently Rihanna will be required to only wear Puma goodies, suggesting that her current haul of Adidas, Nike and New Balance sneaks might be banished to the back of her wardrobe. While there’s been no confirmation from badgalriri herself, we have it on good authority that she’s really keen to get on board with the German sportswear label. Well, if the success of her designs for River Island is anything to go by, we’re not surprised. Watch this space…

By Hannah Banks-Walker