You’d Never Know Kim Kardashian Has Body Issues In THIS Dress

Missguided Roll Neck Black Dress, £10

Oribe Dry Texture Spray, £38

Sacha Juan Ocean Mist Spray, £18

Balmain Dry Shampoo, £18.95

Kim Kardashian was in Brazil last night flaunting her hourglass figure in a super tight little black dress at a C&A conference.

The 34-year-old took to the stage to promote her collection for the brand looking her usual glamorouss self, teaming her dress with strappy black sandals and with her raven hair looking longer than ever. 

‘Loved my Brazilian glam @makeupbymario @jenatkinhair’, she wrote next to a closeup of her makeup look.

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So just how did she achieve those glossy, wavy locks? Well, her stylist Jen Atken revealed she started by using her GHD Hair Curling Iron on Kim’s locks before spritzing with Oribe Dry Hair Texture Spray. 

To get those perfect beachy waves, Jen then sprayed Kim’s locks with a bit of Sacha Juan Ocean Mist before straightening out to flatten the curls. Balmain Couture Dry Shampoo was then used to freshen up Kim’s roots. 

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Despite looking more confident than ever, the mum-of-one recently confessed she’s got certain body insecurities on an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. 

‘Everybody thinks, “She got her butt done and her hips done” and all this stuff,’ Kim said. ‘I’m like, “No, I’m legit 20 pounds heavier.” I’m so insecure lately. Seriously, just with my weight. I cannot leave the house without Spanx.’

> Kim Kardashian getting her glam on in Brazil before the C&A event


Still, if there’s one lady that thinks Kim looks great, it’s her new Met Gala BFF, Jennifer Lopez

Speaking to USA Today, J Lo said of Kim: ‘Oh, I’ve met Kim many times. She tells me all the time that I’m her idol and stories about when she used to follow me when my first album was out, and stuff like that. It’s really sweet.’

‘She’s a sweet girl, and it’s very flattering to meet any of your fans! She’s always been very open about that and it’s very flattering to me. She’s a sweetheart.’

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Sounds like someone’s a fan!

Unfortunately, Kim still has some winning over to do when it comes to her Instagram fans, after angering them recently for deleting a photo of the Australia’s Next Top Model winner.

After appearing as a guest judge on Australia’s Next Top Model and promising to post the winner’s shot on her very own Instagram account as part of the prize, she then deleted it hours later and kept it only on the Kardashian Kollection Instagram account.

And now, winner Izi Simundic has spoken out about the drama.

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‘I definitely was super excited to be on there in the first place, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little bit disappointed that it went down’, she told Australian radio show KIIS FM. ‘Especially because 30 million is such a huge amount of people. It would have been interesting to see what opportunities came from it.’