You Won’t Believe What Kate Middleton Wore Last Night

Kate Middleton, queen of Jenny Packham and Alexander McQueen frock royalty, has done the unthinkable.

Finally making like every other pregnant lady in the land (well, minus Blake Lively) and finally opting for comfy sweats over shift dresses and heels, the Duchess of Cambridge has at last broken her perfectly polished mould.

We couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw Kate stepping out for her evening with the Beaver Group in black J Brand jeans and a hoodie stamped with the Scouting UK logo. Yes, a HOODIE. We never thought we’d see the day…

The mum-to-be finished off her comfy uni-style look with knee-high boots and a traditional scarf and woggle – but left her signature pearls in place. Well, she’s still a future princess after all.

We love seeing our favourite British royal doing dressed down for a change. But if there’s ever a time to step out in your sweats and choose total comfort over anything else, it’s when you’re six months pregnant. 

Kate spent the evening with a newly-formed Scout group made up of children aged six to eight, learning sign language, playing games and helping them with their baking skills.

Sitting at a table of youngsters, the Duchess was seen laughing her way through a series of silly tasks which involved helping the kids ice a cake blindfolded and cutting up chocolate whilst wearing with boxing gloves. Aw!

This one is going to make one fantastic second-time-round-mum.

By Robyn Munson