You Will Love This New Taylor Swift Campaign

Yes, one of our favourite sneaker brands launches a new campaign this week, which is all about celebrating women and encouraging them to be who they want to be.
President of Keds, Chris Lindner, told WWD, “A new generation of women has been leading an exciting cultural shift redefining the conversation about equality and female empowerment.” He went on to explain that Keds “allows them to be who they wanted to be and go where they wanted to go.” Preach.

Who better to front a campaign based on girl power, than our girl, Taylor Swift? The singer has worked with Keds since 2013, but this new campaign sees Taylor modeling her kicks with a much edgier vibe. Shots of the singer are accompanied with headlines such as “Oh girl is the new oh boy”, and “There will be moving, there will be shaking.” set in front of bold backdrops designed by various female artists and designer

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The brand gathered the thoughts of more than 10,000 women from across eight countries to get an idea of how they feel now, and how they want to feel in the future to come up with the ‘Ladies First’ story. It’s a new empowering route for the brand, which celebrates its 100th year in 2016, and this fierce and fun campaign is the perfect way to celebrate.
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