You Totally Won’t Recognise Kylie Jenner Right Now

Get ready to do one hell of a double take, because here lies Kylie Jenner, looking like a totally different person.

The 13th issue of Love Magazine already holds some mega surprises – Cara Delevingne interviewing Kim Kardashian, Kim eating burgers and posing naked (and with no eyebrows). And now Kylie turned retro blonde bombshell.

In a brand new image shared by stylist Kate Grand, the 17-year-old reality TV star is seen lying on a bed in a red floral swimsuit and a trench coat, working a blonde fringed wig, kohl-winged eyes and fierce black lipstick.

kim kardashian with bleached eyebrows for love magazine

Flashing her pins in calf-high pop socks layered over patterned ones, Kylie looks nothing like her usual raven-haired grunge luxe self, and we’re totally stunned. 

‘Kylie Jenner wearing @miumiu and @prada photographed by Steven Klein @stevenkleinstudio styling by @simonrobins1000 for #love13’, Katie captioned the photo.

We’re used to sister Kendall Jenner donning wigs and being made over for the Marc Jacobs and Chanel catwalks, but this picture proves Kylie can be a chameleon too.

Now take another look. Because yes, it really is her…