You Need To See Taylor Swift’s Alleged Old Myspace

Before becoming THE Taylor Swift, Tay-Tay was just a normal teen like us. Taylor’s old Myspace has apparently been discovered and the screenshots of images and comments from the page are seriously making us LOL.

A look back at Taylor’s original social media page is like time travelling back to 2006, and its giving us major flashbacks to our own MySpace pages – major cringe! Fingers crossed they can’t be discovered, eh…

The account shows pics of Taylor pre super stardom, #squadgoals and relationships with the likes of Harry Styles and Calvin Harris.

Sporting a spelling bee tee and an out of control mane, Taylor couldn’t look more different from her usual glam self.


In the other snap she shows off a choppy black ‘do in a classic emo pose. Oh Taylor…


And in an era before selfie sticks Taylor poses with friends in a pic that looks much like our many digital camera pics of the noughties.


Our language on social media back in the day was beyond embarrassing (Timehop likes to remind us of this daily), and it seems Taylor probably feels the same about her old correspondence.

These screenshots haven’t officially been verifed as Tay Tay but we’re really hoping she genuinely wrote these…

Taylor loved showing her appreciation for her BFFs via Myspace…


And just like us she was not scared to hound her friends to put up pics… 


She also was a fan of the private joke… 


We have everything crossed out Myspace history won’t be exposed. The downside of being famous, eh? 

All images: MySpace / Tumblr