You Need To See Beyoncé’s New Holiday Album

Photo: Instagram: @beylite/@beyonce

For most of us, a trip to Thailand probably means a classic backpacking venture, flitting between cheap hotels and exploring an entire continent in record time with your pals. For Beyoncé, a trip to Thailand means a lot of photo opportunities, which essentially means raiding your wardrobe of elaborate headdresses and feeding a baby tiger with your family. This basically sums up why we love her.

That’s right, not content with a snowy break with husband Jay-Z, Bey has gone on to visit Cambodia and Thailand, with Blue Ivy in tow. We’ve seen them hitting the tourist trail, relaxing on the beach and riding around on scooters, hair flowing freely in the breeze (
Beyoncé, obviously). They’ve been snapping the sights, including the scenery, local temples and, well, each other.

And Queen Bey hasn’t been disappointing us with her on-hol wardrobe, either. From leopard print kaftans to denim cut-offs and sarongs aplenty, this is pretty much how we envisage our summer wardrobe panning out. Of course, we’ll also be accessorising with a small tiger.

There’s been rumours of pregnancy flying around thanks to some of Bey’s outfit choices, but whatever’s going on, we think she looks incredible. Who else could deal with those humid climes with such effortless grace? Certainly not our hair.

If anything, these pics teach us something about our own tourist trips: look around- Beyoncé might just be among us, enjoying a family outing…

By Hannah Banks-Walker